Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Tuesday 8:20 am Our third chick, the first to hatch from the FCBM Gypsy's eggs, has just joined us!  It was the first to pip yesterday, and quickly jumped out of the egg as soon as it finally zipped completely.  It's quite big, like the egg it came from.  It has feathered feet like mama!

7:30 am It's been a busy hour! By 6:45 our first baby, from a blue-green egg, was working its way out of the shell. It was "born" right at 7 am, and a second hatchling, from the same mother, zipped its shell off within about 15 minutes. Right now I am drinking my coffee to the sweet and very persistant peeping of two cute chicks that are alternately struggling and resting, letting the warmth of the incubator fan fluff them up.The first EE born is mostly black, with a blackbeak.  The second is gold, with a pink beak. My two year old is over the moon about the birds!

After several hatches, my teen is not super excited about hatching chicks anymore--however, he does like to be funny.

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