Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chicken Math--Read This If You Want to Adopt a Montessori Chick

Just a quick post that I will keep updated with regard to the chicks we have and who wants what.

We have 23 chicks that hatched.  I will keep 6 chicks for the Montessori school (this assumes ~50% will be roosters, and they'd like to keep and raise 3-4 hens if I understand the plan correctly).  I will keep 6 chicks for my family.  And 3 have been spoken for already.  That brings us down to 8 chicks available for adoption.  Several children have stopped me to assure me they are definitely taking some home soon, and a couple of parents have let me know they are considering it.

Chicks are $3 each and I am happy to help with any questions you may have about getting them started.  Many of the links found here, and my posts, have invaluable information on this process.

Let me encourage you to communicate with me asap if you do know you want to place dibs on chicks.  Commenting here would be best!

Thanks so much!


  1. Joy, what kind/breed are the chicks that are available for adoption? We may want 2 (one for each child) if available depending on the breed.
    Thank you.

    Karin Alvarado (Isabel & Audrey's Mom)

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  3. Hi Karin! There are
    1) 1-2 Easter Egger/Ameracauna chicks (will lay blue eggs)

    2) several Olive Egger (Ameracauna X French Copped Black Marans, will lay green eggs, hopefully olive green)

    3) several purebred French Coppered Black Marans (will lay dark dark brown eggs, possibly with speckles)available.

    I can identify with certainty the blue egg layers. The Olive Eggers vs. the FCBMs are a bit tougher and there is a chance I could be wrong, as these birds look VERY similar.

    What are your preferences? When were you considering taking the birds? I would love to find these birds homes by Friday!