Monday, March 12, 2012

Peeping and Pipping and Zipping and Hatching, Oh My!

Day 21 started at 7 pm last night, and our first chick emerged before midnight.  At this point, at 9 am on day 21, we have two healthy chicks, one zipping, and multiple pips.  Here is the little beauty that emerged.

First one out

This video shows the last couple minutes of zipping.

While I wait, I take careful notes and get the ID legbands ready.

This video shows the baby bird emerging from the egg.

I'll be updating this page with more info, pics, and videos, as we go along.

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  1. Hi! I a burgeoning back-yard chicken mamma... and I am entranced by your Olive Eggers! I've already got a few Coppered Marans, two Ameraucanas, and several Cornish Rock hens... what are the chances I could order some fertilized Olive Egger eggs from you? Or... do you know of anyone in Canada that has hens like yours? I haven't seen anything like them before, and would love to add a few to my flock.