Friday, May 27, 2011

Sad News for Gypsy's First Babe, and an Intervention

The chick I removed from Gypsy's nest yesterday, an adorable white or silver baby, has been in the incubator for 12 hours.  It has kicked the rest of its shell off, and is FINALLY trying to stand. I am still not sure about the viability of this chick, as it seems very very weak.

That's at least somewhat hopeful.  I hate to report that the beautiful Black Java chick that was healthy and strong last night was dead in the nest this morning.  I guess it was crushed by Gypsy.

With 0/2 chicks healthy and strong,I made the decision to take Gypsy's remaining pipped eggs and put them in the bator with the weak chick.   There are three Black Javas and two from a truly elegant silver (blue) bird named Nanny Ogg, a prolific light blue egg layer. 

I plan to give Gypsy's chicks back once all the eggs in her nest are hatched...or I may give these to her once they hatch, and take the unhatched eggs from her at that point and try to hatch them inside and then give her a second helping of babies tonight or tomorrownight, depending how the timeline goes.

I have no way of knowing what happened.  But my gut tells me that the weak chick got stepped on or mashed a bit as it was hatching, and the Black Java was flat over an egg.  I think Gypsy may be having trouble with the combination of eggs and chicks at the same time.

Update later.  Sad morning.

Update, 9:30 am
Esme's chick is spending more and more time on her feet.  She has been joined in the incubator by a new hatchling, Nanny Ogg's baby.  Looks to be silver but she isn't dry enough yet to really tell.  Both these girls should lay Olive Eggs.  Two more Black Java eggs have sizable pips.

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